The Stay At-Home Maid

messy familyI unequivocally HATE MESSES.  I don’t know when this change in attitude happened to me because as a typical teenager I hated to clean anything other than my own behind.  But I guess that was B.C.E. (before children emerged) and now living in S.C.E (small children everywhere), I spend much more time fighting funk, germs and messes.  The problem is this: now that I am at home all the time, everybody seems to think it’s okay to leave mess everywhere.

Bill has never been the neatest guy, but even he has sunk to all new lows of mess-making mayhem.  If I reach under the bed one more time and put my hand on dirty underwear or inside a bowl that used to have ice cream in it, I will snap.  Haleigh, my 5-year-old, has always been over the edge with her…lack of organization.  But lately she has gone into Hoarder: Buried Alive mode on me!  She leaves a trail of food wherever she has eaten and clothes, toys, books or shoes never stand a chance of being put away unless I wave the belt and yell.  Ashleigh isn’t as messy, but she has laziness down to a science and resists all efforts to clean.MessyRoom

Don’t get me wrong–I understand that I am the one at home while Bill is working and Haleigh is at school, but COME ON!  This level of disorder sometimes feels deliberate and malicious.  I do not expect Bill to mop or sweep or vacuum, but a little consideration goes a long way.  Instead, my family treats me like free labor, wiping his beard hairs out of the sink,  flushing the toilet for Ashleigh and making up Haleigh’s bed.

I wasn’t ready for this combo of OCD and messy family members.


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