I Can’t Make You Love Me

You said you loved and needed this

My touch, my love, my smile, my kiss

Your saccharine words all made it seem

That you thought of me as your queen…

Until the truth came into light

The bitter words, the fuss, the fight

The sarcasm, the sharpened words

The rumors-found-real that I heard

I overlooked it all—in fact,

I thought we could get over that

If you’d just stop and look at us

Stop and appreciate my love

I will not beg.  I will not cry.

But I CAN refuse to live this lie–

The hurt, pain and insanity

Of you not giving love to me…

My head up high, my heart down low

The remedy is that I go

Before I find reason to stay

And put this sham on sad replay

I will not beg, choose not to cry

But I will choose to say goodbye

I’ve got to finally let it be—

I cannot make you love me.


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