For Taylor (2008)

The most beautifullest thing in this world is just like that-
perfect and pure certain and secure:

I’ve reached into the sky, my voice vanishing into the air
pouring prayer
into the ears of God
wounded without measure and
unassured, I cried… This life kept on
passing me by
and I didn’t understand even as
time let go of my hand,
leaving me suspended in a place
where no one else could find me.
I cried numbly
humbled by a new kind of misery
trying to fight the insanity of you leaving me.
And so I
raised my heart to the sky
my voice barely clear
whispering into God’s ear-and he listened to me.
And he spoke to me,
my pain open wide, he showed me.
I learned the lesson without the words being told to me…

And the most beautifullest thing happened-just like that.
perfect and pure
certain and secure
tucked neatly into my arms,
my heart, my life.
It happened

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