The Power of A Text Message

I document the time by your words…

Mornings moving quickly amid
Tight texts, sweet and short
Your smile peeking around the edges of
Abbreviated conversation
I miss you…
My mind creates an image of lips
Curled softly around the words so carelessly
Flicked in my direction, gleaming teeth stunning me
Thoughts stunted and incomplete
That’s so sweet…

The afternoons rushing pass me like raging waters
I hear the rasp in your mouth, tones
Tilted in country mixed in lazy laughter and sweet tea,
The message sealed in whispers against my ear
I need you…
My own lips caught between
Anticipation and smiles and anxiety as
My brain halts in submission…
I don’t know what to say, I want to say
Everything but nothing at all would be too much
Is that right…

Evenings quickening, moonlight headlining
A chorus line of stars
I feel the urgency coming my way
Words caressing me endlessly
You know I do…
Your words stinging me
Driving me into luxurious longing
A flush of soft heat on my cheeks, roses planted
Instead of your lips
I want you too…

Nights fall like a cool mist
I feel you pulling me, the push toward ecstasy
Sugary sweet, mouth watering with
The savor of magic
I wish you were here…
Eyes closed against the bliss of
Imagined kisses sweeping my body
I wonder if you would be able to taste
The yearning seeping through my skin
Me too…

I document the time by your words
Count seconds watch minutes spend hours
My day never ending, sleep never sending
Delta waves of rest until you release me
Goodnight, bae
My heart settling into the grooves of
Satisfaction, content to let eternity linger a little
As I dream, until I wake up again to document the time
By your words
Every night is good with you, sugar


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