The New Phenomenal Woman

It is what it is
I am who I be
You’re here in the presence
Of royal company
BUT do not get it twisted
I do what I must
The rest – well just know
That The Lord gets my trust.

My tears don’t stop time.
My feet don’t form ground.
My huffs and my puffs
Don’t make windmills swing round.
My screams are not thunder
My sighs don’t cause storms
My glare ain’t lightning-though
It can do you harm.
My neck snap does not cause
The earth’s core to thrust
Mountains do not form
When my anger erupts
My sorrow will not
Create tall tidal waves
And only the blood of
Our Lord Jesus saves…

I am who I am
And I be who I be
And your soul should be blessed
Just because you know me
But do not be tricked
I do what must be done
With the rest that is left
Up to Gods Only Son.

My dark skin cannot
Nourish woodlands to grow
The gray in my hair
Can’t replace the pure snow.
The sweat of my brow
Is not like sweet spring rain,
And the bright of my smile
Will not end any pain.
The fruit of my hand
Will not quench hunger pangs-
My shoulder too weak
For your problems and thangs.

It is what it is
And I am who I am
And you are with me-
A phenomenal woman.
But don’t be deceived;
I just do what I can
While the rest simply rests
In the Lords mighty hands.


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