I have always gotten what I wanted.
Though I never brag or flaunt it,
I have always received the “yes”
No matter the demand, the request.

They always give in to me
I don’t know-maybe because I am sweet?
Or soft–I’m a playful thing
With the know-how that only life brings.

I have never inquired amiss
Paying only a hug or stray kiss
I expect to get just want I need
My agendas? They always succeed.

So imagine my consternation as you begin to say no
Not harsh tones, not harsh words-but with smiles and slight shrugs
You said no, and my psyche could not let it go
Who were you of all people in life to begrudge
Me the pleasure of treasures yet still to behold
There is surely some secret that you have held back
No way that you could be so kind yet so cold
It certainly could not be that you think that I lack
Anything you could possibly want or need
Since your predecessors found their all in me
I am every woman and then some indeed
I’m astonished at how this could be.

I always get what I want.
But I have never
Not ever
have I not been wanted.

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