This Lifetime (2008)

NOTE: I wrote this post 4 years ago when then Democratic Candidate (and former Senator) Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America.  I wanted to share this again as a part of my memory and hopefully our legacy as a PEOPLE: GO vote!!! 🙂


Years upon dark years
Of silently swelling, desperate tears
Dripping down, crazy insane
The bitter question on the brain,
“Is there justice in this life?”
Pushing against the weight of strife,
We wondered would there ever be
An instance of equality.

Now my baby screams the name
Of one who claims a “rock star’s” fame
Who made the world stand and take note
Of the rebirth of shattered hope.
She laughs and smiles and screams at me
Each time his face graces TV
His voice lilting as though a dream
His smile brightening the plasma screen.

My peers all say, “It’s about time.”
My man watches the finish line.
My grandma asks, “In my lifetime?”
My pastor speaks, “Divine design.”
I cannot fathom such a test
I thought it 2nd place at best
Until the masses–hand in hand–
Let out the shout of “yes, we can”

And here I stand solemn and proud
American, black, strong–aroused
Out of the slumber that I slept.
In lieu of angry tears once wept,
Disbelief turned to victory…
The brother looks a lot like me…
I hear ancestors, strong, divine,
Whispering softly, “This Lifetime.”


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