Anger Management

Heat Rises
No surprises here–it’s clear
That this estrangement
Has deranged life of its own
I’ve grown,
But I am not grown. It’s
To the point
Where I can’t think straight
I know that it’s too late
To make it work.

My veins throb
And you have robbed me
Of my reason once again
Each time you speak
the anger peaks, my personal
Mt. Calvary
As I bear this cross alone–
Jesus now gone–I sink in
The misery…value added?

Anger has taken over me.
Blinded and I just cannot see.
The rage has gone up as on wings
And all I feel is threatening
To take me out or you instead
The voices screech inside my head
The graciousness I had now spent-
I need some anger management.



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