Double Agent

I live two lives…

Duty bound,
Feet nailed to the cross that I bear
My battered arms outstretched, taking in
The burdens born by
Little arms and legs tangled
In strong small hugs and endless demand
Fake smiles clouding the atmosphere
The portrait of happiness
Even as I find my longing now
Depressed into a box of them first
Self flagellation at its finest

I live two lives…

Walking in beauty, a part of the night
No longer nailed to the cross but bound,
Feet wrapped in Louboutin and silk stockings
My strong arms outstretched, taking in
The scent, the makings of you
Sweetness pouring from my eyes
Dripping down into a smile of
Self congratulation
The portrait of satisfaction as
I lay my burdens down,
The pinnacle of perfection
By my side

I live two lives…



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