bigger and bolder than ever I can see
that the whole world is out there waiting for me
not the fish or the cotton or cows anymore
now there’s stuff that I’d never thought I see before
like the homeless guys sleeping on the cold concrete
the cripple man panhandling of 95th street
little girls half naked, pants way too tight
little hoody wearing boys on bikes in the middle of the night
drunken women weaving back and forth on the sidewalk all day
tired and beaten looking old people trying to make their way
leering black man checking out summer’s hottest new styles
on the backs of teenagers fighting back sneaky smiles
oblivious office workers steppijg over today’s trash
moms loitering in markets selling foodstamps for cash
dirty hungry little kids playing past the hunger pains
dreamless hopeless dope boys looking for shelter from the rains
kids who should be at the zoo or running loose in a nice park
outside at night standing around long after the sky is dark.
families out on stoops of building trying to catch a little breeze
stiffled bt heat that would-3 months ago-have been welcomed with the freeze
the fighting’s already started and the shots have now begun
as tempertures rising on the inside as well as well as outside in the sun
bigger and bolder now than ever I can see
that there’s a whole other world out there I thought I’d never see.
but I also notice people laughing at their inside jokes
I hear the bass that’s out there pounding, see the glistening chromed out spokes
I watch as families play and sing and dance while buying groceries
I listen walking down on Michighan to a one man symphony
the shoppers shopping, dreamers wishing, snow cones melting in small hands
buses zooming jaywalkers jumping back-a fare lifts up his hand
the el is rumbling, smoke is billowing from last minute barbeques
and the window washer’s humming, people are going to hear the blues…
and if that wasn’t enough to take-
I forgot to mention the perfect lake
what better place to watch summer go by
than a beautiful summertime Chi


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