Nobody Greater Than You

Searched all over, couldn’t find nobody.

They put me in a place
Where memories fade into view.
A mosaic made of time, lost in space,
I took another look at you.
Remembered how you made me feel,
Summer sun and cloud-kissed skies.
Trembled under that old cheap thrill
Then looked into the cold of your eyes.
Lies and contempt still waited there.
I’d forgotten the stinging tears.
Felt the memory of constant despair
Kind of fresh after all these years.

I searched high and low,

I compared you to that other guy
So sincere in his love of a dream
Dipped in chocolate and wondered why
His affection never picked up steam
We would laugh deep into the night
Poems and roses the order of the day
But then he looked into my eyes
And found nothing there to make him stay
So he left to pursue the real thing
My heart broken, but what could he do?
He wanted to seal it with a ring
But all I wanted was for him to be you

Still couldn’t find nobody.

I picked out another memory to reflect.
This one empty except for the chase.
He had nothing to offer except
A strange glimpse of your enticing face.
He knew quickly that he couldn’t compete
And decided not to even try.
He took comfort in his swift defeat,
Found it easy to live inside the lie.
The pretense made us simple and sweet,
Allowed us to be thoughtful and kind.
But he, too, grew tired of the deceit
And left me with your arms on my mind.

Nobody greater…nobody greater, no…

They put me in a place
Where God promised to reveal all.
Sat me down with myself–face to face,
Watching my own elegant downfall.
If I could I would erase you from time.
Never know agony like I do.
In the midst of all that is divine,
Nobody’s been greater than you.



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