The Power of Belief

I am an avid listener (and when available) watcher of this show called Snap Judgment.  I love this show–it features amazing stories told by people from all walks of life who make decisions that change the course of their lives.  AND it’s set to music.  You can’t beat that.

One of my favorite segments (and believe me, there are many), comes from the broadcast entitled, Be Careful What You Wish For.  In the story “Dr. De-Hex“, a man lies dying in a hospital because he believes a fortune teller has hexed him.  Now, no hex exists; but because this man believes so strongly that she has cursed him, he has given up on life–literally not eating, waiting to die.

Isn’t it amazing what belief can produce?  Jesus said some pretty strong words about believing–He said that if you really believe, you can tell a mountain to go jump into the sea and poof!  The mountain would have to take a swim.  He said that you could kill a tree with your words.  He said that you can heal the sick…and raise the dead.

There are some who do not take the word of God as literal–they ascribed all kinds of metaphysical, philosophical, satirical, allegorical meaning to it.  But imagine for a moment what might happen if we took time to believe that those words are for real.  That we could actually take something unseen and pull it into being just by believing...I’m just saying…

God bless! And remember—what you believe is what you receive!

What are your believing about yourself and your life right now?  Are you believing positive things or negative things? Share your thoughts on belief, a story about how the impossible became possible…

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