Perfect Love

This is a reflection and poem that I wrote about 8 years ago… enjoy.

How do you learn to love? I am trying to learn to love. Perfect love casts out fear. My love is not perfect.

The sweet undulation of promise in the waves
The caress of light from the hands of the sun
The whisper of romance inside the breeze
The tease in the flicker of dying flames
The kiss of memory in the lips of raindrops…

And I sit,
Reflecting on the moments when
Your eyes are mine,
And your smile belongs to me.
I remember days when
Your laugh is the payment for my pain
and each breath you savor becomes the reason I stay.
I ruminate on the way
Your words heal the wounds
and your lips save me from death.
So sweet
So innocent
So pure
That I can only stand this-stand you for so long
Before I am taken under, doomed to forget
The reasons that I always walk away.

If perfect love casts fear away,
Why am I afraid?



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