My Praise Is In My Tears


They told me I cry too much
But my tears mean something-
Always have
They physical release of emotions
Too painful to calmly speak
Words full of brambles and fear
Tearing up the lining of my throat
Choking me
They said I’m too sensitive
Made weak by feeling that I should crush
Force down into the depths of my belly
They said I’ve allowed these painfully bitter memories
To wreak havoc on my life
Instead of relieving them in anger unleashed
On a world made responsible
For the hurt weighing down on me

But I can never fully describe
How the tide of tears have saved me
From the undertow of grief
That would drown
Purging the beast in me
That would drag my soul into a relentless hell
My tears, they set me free
Giving voice to a determination
Pulled from places I cannot
Touch with human hands
Sharing divinity from spaces hidden
From prying eyes and wounded hearts

Deliverance lives in the praise
And my praise is in my tears




    1. Thank you! I always try to find something really appropriate. I often find that it takes longer to find the picture than to write the poem!


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