We Are The Champions

When watching sports of any kind, Bill and I will often look at how each team performs, and say to one another, “That team is playing to win, they thirsty” or “That person wants it more–you can tell that (s)he came to win“. How can we say it so easily? It is in the “pep in the step”, the glint in the eye, the violent energy with which the winning team plays that makes us both take notice that they came to win.

 By contrast, we watch the other team’s lack of energy and sense that depressed feeling of “going through the motions” that make us feel frustrated and exasperated. We said it during the 2011 NBA playoffs–The Heat statistically should have been victorious; the Mavericks, a long shot. And yet, game after game, we watched in amazement the exponential increase of the Maverick’s energy level, the explosive play and their determination to grab every defensive rebound, execute every play and make every shot. The Heat wilted underneath the weight of the Mavericks’ thirst for victory. Bill said to me after the series was over, “See, the difference is that the Heat’s mindset was ‘We made it to the playoffs.’ The Mavericks’ mindset was ‘We will win the playoffs.’ They played to win but the Heat was just playing. Their win was making it to the final series“.

 It is a lesson well learned. We often go out into daily life with an attitude that does not reflect victory. We are satisfied to just “make it to the playoffs.” If we have a decent house, car, job and family, we respond in the same way that the losing team in a playoff game responds–we act like we’ve won just by making it to the playoffs! Yet, this is not how we God designed us to live. Under the new covenant of Jesus Christ, we are meant to do more than make it. Jesus was crucified, buried, and raised from the dead again so that we can LIVE VICTORIOUSLY. The Word of God tells us so in II Corinthians 2:14 and then again in I Corinthians 15:57 In Christ, we are guaranteed victory. We win. Every time.

 Does that mean that no adversity comes? Certainly not. Just as in any game, there is an opponent. In our case, our enemy is satan. Though he has been stripped of any right or privilege to our blessings, his job is to keep us from getting to our place of victory. Well, his job is really to make us feel that victory is not possible even though the Word already told us that God causes us to triumph and gives us the victory in Jesus Christ. And here is where the Word must be planted in us: Jesus himself said to us in Mark 10:27 that all things are possible with God. Our victory is assured; God promised that no weapon would prosper; Jesus told us to have faith and believe God; God gave us the best of the best! If we then know and believe the Word of God, how much more vigorously should we attack each day? Our energy level should be up, a praise on our lips, a smile on our faces and the joy of the Lord in our hearts. Circumstances, facts, reality play no part in our victory–only steadfast faith in God’s promises.

 So I encourage somebody somewhere today to stop walking in an air of uncertainty about whether or not you’ll make it. Stop being unsure of your future. You have already won–all you have to do convince satan that you KNOW it, and that his spot in the loser’s position is for real when it comes to your life because of the BLOOD OF JESUS! How do you do that? With each adversity, learn to stay in the Word, listen to music and watch programs that strengthen your spirit, go to church with faith-filled believers who can encourage you, stop hanging out with negative Nancy’s who secretly want to see you fail or just don’t believe like you do. Deliverance is in your praise, and if you’re steadfast and unmovable in the Word of God, there is nothing that can stand in your way–cause that’s really all the devil is doing: standing in your way.

God bless! And remember–you are a champions.  The only thing keeping you from winning is you.

Are there areas in your life where you could be winning but aren’t?  Share with me and readers everywhere how you are going to begin to (or continue to) walk in victory!

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