Love in the Time of Discounts

Ladies and Gentlemen, we live in the time of a love apocalypse where

  • Significant numbers of us have grown up in splintered households-no Mr. And Mrs. Ward Cleaver for us!
  • Women of all ages have declared that all the good men are taken, gay, or dead and have main stream America giving them the statistics to prove it.
  • Men have seen and heard that above-mentioned hoopla, prompting them to meet the lower standards set before them (and rightfully so!).
  • Our music has gone from “always and forever” to everybody “fucking you tonight”, then “on to the next one”.
  • Online dating sites run rampant algorithms attempting to match us with somebody, anybody everywhere.
  • Baby mamas, missing dads, low expectations for all involved, high demand for the holy grail of sexy and wealthy-and now a so-called double dip recession hindering our ability to look for an acceptable mate!

All of these (and more)  already insurmountable human issues  make it impossible to find love. Add to that companies closing or at  least not hiring, women becoming more educated and more employed than men, budgets tightening as essential items like food and fuel sky-rocket, 401K’s, stocks and bonds worth less and less, savings depleted, mortgages upside down  Now a lot of us regular folks can’t afford a lot of wining and dining (for you highbrows) or club hopping (for you…ummm, NOT so highbrows).  So how in the world does a body find love in the time of discount?

May I suggest going with the flow and (gasp!) taking advantage of the economic climate? Most of you looking for love haven’t found it yet because you keep going to the same places, looking at the same people and listening to the same tired pick up lines.Well, how about jumping on that Groupon and Living Social bandwagon and try something new. I saw an awesome deal for a city bicycle tour here in Chicago. How about enjoying the deeply discounted and often free activities your city has to offer?  Chicago offers summer dance -you  learn different styles of dancing for free, then enjoy dancing to a live band, BYOB, in a beautiful park at dusk. Very romantical.

Expand your horizons, and by side effect, your dating pool.  But even more importantly, do some new things because it will bring you joy. The sexiest people in the world aren’t these clean shaven, bikini waxed, anorexic airbrushed celebrities: the really sexy people are those who have an inner light, who are joyful no matter what their circumstance.  If you’re walking around sadsackin’, pooty faced and complaining…I mean, what happy, successful person wants to be with somebody like that? You’re going to attract what you put out!  God bless-and remember:  Try some new stuff, enjoy yourself and begin to experience a positive upswing in your romantic life just by loving where you are right now, with a discount!


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