I’ve Sung This Song Before

Another place, another time
The pleasure would have been all mine.
It’s been awhile since I’ve been stirred
A long time since this has occurred
Had you but met me long ago…
The tales to tell! The show to show–
I’d never bring myself to miss
The chance to indulge in your kiss.
And oh, I would have enjoyed so much
The pleasure found in a new touch.
Such beauty-who would refuse the chance
To lose oneself in deep romance?
My past dictates that I act soon
Just so to feel familiar swoon…

And yet I’ve found this self control
A real desire to save my soul
Rather than gain such tarnished loot,
(As would have happened in my youth)
I find myself in serious check.
I haven’t even approached yet,
But just the thought has sent me back–
It’s fun at first but then: the lack:

No love, no peace, no joy: just pain.
A love song now broken refrain,
The misery of bitter ends
The pressure as lonely begins
The wonderment at swift retreat
The exhaustion of incomplete
The burden of swallowing pride
The shame of something else to hide…
Another time, Another you
I did not stop to think things through.
I gained the world but lost within
And had to rebuild life again.

I’ve sung this son before, you see
With lyrics soaked in misery.
I now choose songs of sweeter strain…
Ones not so dripping in sharp pain.
And so I smile but must decline,
This being neither place nor time.


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