Look At Me Now: Taking the #31WriteNow Challenge


I move in a world where people lack dedication.  Loose parenting, moving from job to job, not committing to our passions, marriages ending in quick divorces–people all around me go into situations expecting the best yet not prepared to make the best come to pass.  I heard someone call it “the microwave” generation, alluding to Generation Y‘ers who seem to struggle with finding the balance between real life and real dreams.  I say seem because to me, they aren’t much different from the rest of us; they simply serve as scapegoats of broader societal issues of noncommittal.  On the whole, we all seem to be lacking in the discipline that is formed, strengthened and maintained when we follow through no matter how we feel about it.

Follow-through is everything.

But I didn’t come to harangue about the coming apocalype or cry foul concerning the direction of our youth and all of that.  That’s what CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, and all those other networks are for.

news networks

Nope!  I’m am posting, on this last day in August, about my own personal journey of sticking to something.

A lot of times for me, I was afraid to write and publish it.  I was afraid of rejection mostly–would people like my posts? Would people even read them? And so I would write and not post them; I would post them but not advertise them–or only post them once, making sure that people would miss it.  I fulfilled my own negative prophecies.

self fulfilling prophecyWhat I have learned in writing during the #31WriteNow Challenge put out there by one of my favorite (let me stop frontin–my FAVORITE, hands down) blogger Luvvie Ajayi is that there is a community of writers and readers out there for me.   I have been blessed to find blogs that I love and I have picked up followers along the way who are interested in my poetry, my thoughts, and–gasp!–my advice.  I have become a better writer (I’ve always been good at it, no lie) by reading others’ writings; I have been inspired to share my struggles and my pain, my joy and my love…my heart with like-minded people.  And sometimes, when it really counts, I have ended up writing something that touches and helps random souls who needed a special word to get them through.

Thank you so much for rolling with me throughout these 31 days of August.  As we move into the next chapter, I hope that you continue to stop by and share in the joy that I feel when I write.

You ROCK!!!!!you rock with your bad self


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