Chasing the Divine

I love my children, but they are especially busy and I like a little quiet time, down time, me time. I can usually put Haleigh off and get her out of the room; Ashleigh, on the other hand, is much more persistent. Sometimes–okay, nearly every day–Ashleigh chases me from room to room…several times a day. Wherever I go, there she is also: calling my name…and (when I don’t respond) climbing on me like I’m a tree. Even through ear-buds and closed, locked doors I hear her calling my name: first in that sing-song way that small children have “Maaaah-meeee!”; then the more insistent “MOMMY! MOMMY!” I do everything that I can to ignore her, figuring that eventually she will stop. This never works and finally, I am forced to respond.

“WHAT? WHAT? What do you WANT?“

“I love you.” And she stands there expectantly waiting for my “I love you” in return. The very next thing I say after that “I love you” is, “Now, what did you want?” And you know what? She usually gets exactly what she says in that moment.

Now imagine yourself as this child, following God from room to room, determined to hear from Him, dedicated to the act of grabbing His attention and getting Him to respond, “WHAT? WHAT DO YOU WANT?” It may seem a bit silly–surely God has much more important things to do than mess around with you! Yet this is what God desires: children who chase after Him to simply express their love to Him so that He can give them the desires of their hearts.

Is it that simple? I think so. Every opportunity that you take to tell God how much you love Him opens the doors to new favor, new mercy, new miracles. And most importantly, it opens up an opportunity to learn more about who you were created to be.

God bless! And remember: God loves you, and He cares about what is happening to you.

How often do you talk to God? Do you have a habit of prayer?


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