Hard to Swallow- a fast rant


Have you ever been so angry and offended that you found it hard to function?  The roller coaster ride of rage has taken me on upswings of near glorious violence and low drops of deep dark depression. As I held on for dear life, I often wondered if I would become physically ill.

Now that I’m older, I can hardly stand such uneven unsettling swoops of aggression.  Yet some days I find the ridiculousness of it all impossible to ignore.  How dare he act like nothing is wrong?  How dare she speak to me any kind of way?  What the what?  And the anger becomes harder and harder to swallow, until I have to weep.

Emotions suck, and I am determined to overcome this last part,  this almost blinding desire to punch stupid people in the face.  So, instead of responding, I wooosah and say, “God, I forgive them because they obviously don’t know what they are doing…or how they are endangering their own LIVES.”



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