When Love Is Not Enough to Stay

painful loveLoving someone is such a painful experience sometimes.  As you grow into yourself, you quickly find that the people you love (and who love you) no longer fit the plan or purpose for your life.  Many of us spend time, resources and emotional credit attempting to save something that isn’t  salvageable,  that gets worse by the day the longer we stay.  We find ways and reasons to try to “make it work”–the very phrase lending itself to the forced nature of the situation as desperation for something or someone comfortable prolongs inevitable, painful amputation and cauterization of the original wound.

What should be done in when things begin to fall apart?  While our instinct says to save relationships at any cost, reality demands release.  You will never make it to your destiny dragging a thousand bags filled with bad blood, broken relationships and false positive memories from your past.  Let go, and live.  Jesus promised that if you can let it go and not count it as loss, you’ll receive double in this life time.

Today’s challenge?  Let go.

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