An Ode to Fanning Middle School

The undertow of someone else’s pain
Of another’s problems steeped in “woe”
The acidic nature of the stress and strain
Born of my inability to let go

A fighting chance was what I offered you
The outstretched arms standing strong in the gap
But now the pressure that you’ve morphed into
Has caused my once strong arms to bend and snap

Wanting (against all odds) to try, to stay
I fight and curse you – all against my will…
Despite the bitter root I chew each day
Did you not know that I care for you still?

The eagle in me wants you all to soar
The anger rises up and wants it done
I cannot believe in the best anymore
My work is over before even begun

I am shaking dust from my beleaguered shoes
Even as I try to make each long day count
I sing a song tinged openly with blues
For all the things I’ll never have but want

Make no mistake our time is passed
This subterfuge will never last
And as I sit and crit, I cry
Not wanting to say goodbye


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