I stand staring at nothing
In particular.
My eyes glazed over in
The midst of this routine,
Fingers nimbly relieving
The onion of its dull skin
Papery thin as the smallest tug
Peels away to the shiny bulb within.

I cringe.
It reminds me of when I scraped
My knee down to the meat,
White heat stunning me into tears
Hot and furious in my eyes.
Right now one slips down
My flushed cheek.
I thought we had moved past this,

I don’t flinch.
Chopping mindlessly as thoughts rise
With the stench;
You never hug me. Chop
Say that you love me. Chop
Always ignore me. Chop
Not your priority. Chop
But I should be. Chop
You always need something. Chop
But I am unworthy. Chop
You take life out of me. Chop
But no return here. Chop
I am old news to you. Chop
Not good for what you need now. Chop
Used up and useless. Chop
Why waste your energy. Chop
Be grateful for this. Chop
When will I do better. Chop
I was nothing. Chop
Until you found me. Chop
My feelings aren’t important. Chop
You don’t have time. Chop
There are more important. Chop
People to see. Chop
Things to do. Chop
Places to be. Chop
What’s wrong with me. Chop
I. Chop
Stress. Chop


Finely minced onions
Mask the reason for the tears
Rolling slowly down my cheeks
Hot and furious again.
I am certain you will love this meal
Seasoned with onions, love, and tears.

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