Oh, The Places You Will Go

This one is for the ladies! But Guys: If you know a lady like this, please share because sharing is CARING.

When was the last time you did something outside of your comfort zone?

I’m not talking about taking a different route to work or wearing a straight leg instead of your usual skinny jean.  I’m talking hardcore, out-of-the-box, by yourself or with people who are not “your girls”, “I can’t believe I just did that” stuff…all the way out of your comfort zone.


So many people get stuck in the life-destroying rut of doing the same thing with the same people on the same days of the week in the same city on the same vacation days in the same month of every year.  You never jump to the left or to the right; in fact, you’ve convinced yourself that this is the way to live.  Well, I hate to bust yo bubbles, but that isn’t sexy at all.  Do you know why?  Because when you get into that soul-sucking cycle of same ish, different day, you lose THE most essential item any woman needs to draw the man of her dreams:  LIGHTNESS OF BEING.

There is nothing more off-putting to a man than a woman who is heavy.  I don’t mean heavy weight-wise, because I know some ladies who are WELL over the legal limit (so to speak) who pull dudes like tow trucks pull cars out of no parking zones in Chicago.  I mean heavy in your spirit.  There are many reasons that women get heavy down in their souls:

  • Bad relationships (family, friends, romantic, work, etc)
  • Monotony of life (same ole, same ole every day all day)
  • Fear of looking foolish or failing
  • Uptight upbringing
  • General crab-assery
  • Self defense in bad situations

I’m sure there are lots of other reasons we get heavy; those are just some that I’ve experienced personally.  But no matter what the issue is that created the heaviness; the point is that your heaviness could be running the very thing that you want away from you!  If your spouse or significant other is telling your that you aren’t the same, you need to do a self-check.  If most or (be honest) all of your conversations with your girlfriends are negative or complaining, you need to self-check.  Are you living in a world of heavy and don’t realize it?  Time to readjust!

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