It Used To Hurt

It used to hurt down in my soul when you didn’t support me
Praise for others doing less than even while you ignored me.
I wanted to ask “Why? Am I really not good enough?”
As I dried my face, fake smiling trying to act unfazed and tough.
I would pray to God, “Take the bitter taste of envy out my mouth!”
Resentment formed a sickness that I could not quite sweat out.
I would die a little death every time you would gushed over “them”–
Then feel ashamed, angry, frustrated, and all at once condemned.

But then one day The Father lifted up my downcast eyes
And showed me the real image of myself behind the lies.
I have value far beyond anything that I’d ever dreamed
And the anointing God has placed in me no one has ever seen.
I saw my gifts are not made for just anyone to see
And that extended to even those who were closest to me.
He touched my heart to forgive you, and I understood that I
Had greater works that one day would take You, too, by surprise!

I just had to stay focused on what He had for me to do.
So I wiped my face for the last time and adjusted my view.
I don’t need to beg for something that I right now possess:
Love, joy, peace, prosperity, health, wealth and happiness.
I stopped looking at you to give me something you could not
And focused my attention on living the love of God.
It used to hurt down in my soul when you didn’t support me
But I thank God for revelation truth to set me free.

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