Give Me The Peace

Don’t pretend.
You don’t have to be my best friend
Sharing secrets and side eyes,
Cackles rattling the insides
As we joke.
No joke!
We aint gotta be best friends like that-
Matter fact,
We dont even need
To be
Like spring breezes
Cutting through muggy Afternoons
Chill glistening off a pitcher
Of Amber Bach
Before heading home
From the happy hour.
No chill required, my dude.
If I desired all that,
This here would be a different
kind of conversation.

What I want
Can’t be carved out of stone,
Laws broken
And then rewritten again.
This ain’t about a commandment!
Enough about a remission of sin.
The blood shed
On your hands doesn’t fade, and
You need that blood
To be cleansed…

What I am fighting for
Is the main thing to me:
The reciprocity
That comes with respecting that
You are just like ME…
Or rather, That I just BE-
And NOT:
An idea to be vandalized
on Fox News and CNN and MSNBC
A beast to be
Tranquilized in the streets
when I ain’t docile
To calm your need for
A monster to kill
Or a cheap way to thrill
Your bloodlusting girlfriend who doesn’t know better than
To mix violence with the sheets.
I ain’t no
Fake boogey man waiting for you
In your closet!

Man, you have lost it,
Looking around for an answer
For the cancer that you’ve
Spread through history like
Peanut butter
Over some bread.
And seeing your own reflection,
You killing me instead
Of facing you…

I ain’t no chocolate mystery.
Just like my ancestors before
All I want you to do is
“give us us free”-
Freedom from the skeletons
Rattling behind
YOUR door that I
Keep shedding blood for.
I can’t take it-can’t fake it.
I can’t breathe no more.
My hands up now,but not
For you not to shoot.
They up cos I’m
Being a target for you
To exorcise your demons through.

Is that alright with you?
No? Then let me speak:
My justice gone
Come at
The cost of
Your peace.
Your piece
Only holds so many rounds
But not enough to hold
Millions of Eric’s and Mike’s down.
You want bold? I got bold:
My FREEDOM ain’t NEVER cheap.
You can pay in justice, or
You can pay me in peace.

~Kisha L Spencer


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