D’Angelo Is Back-and He Is Everything

Anybody who knows anything about me knows that I love new books, new music, and new learning experiences. They also that I only STAN for 3 artists: esteemed author Toni Morrison; esteemed poet Nikki Giovanni; and D’Angelo.

Yup. I skipped over allllllll the greats to this man who fell off the face of the earth without so much as a SINGLE for 15 years besides a collabo here or there. Chile, I LIVE!!!! He has not written or performed a song that I “only kinda liked”. EVERYTHING he has ever done gives me all the chills. I love his voice, the musicality, the pageantry, the collaborations, the GIFT of it all!

The only other artist for whom I had this kind of love was Luther Vandross. Don’t even ask me how I got from there to here. But they both never wrote or sang a song that wasn’t a perfect 10 to me.

Even realer than that? When I listen to his music, I am connected back to Africa, my ancestors, my heritage–just like reading a Toni Morrison book or hearing Nikki Giovanni read a poem. I stand up straighter and remember the greatness inherent in my blackness.

I know. I just did the MOST right there.  But I meant every word.

By the way: If you hear of a concert, let me know. A kidney will be sold to fund my trip and ticket.



      1. My favorites are (like you asked me all that,lol) : Ain’t That Easy (just because); The Charade (Black Power); Really Love (old DAngelo) ; Til It’s Done (my #1); and Another Life (my ace in the hole of love and babies). 😊


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