In Really Love

Fixing my face
Left hand stretching lashes until
They stand at attention
Right hand balancing my cigarette and my hair
Bangs hit just right above my left eye
When I let go
Lips sweet and plump
Plum playing off my smoky eye
I run my hands down and around
And underneath
Breasts standing at earnest attention
Bound by lace and lust
Perfume wafting just so between spaces
From hip and neck and wrist and knee
Teasing the air against the simple stench of ashes and eyeliner
I check my reflection
Is it enough?
Seduction a telling game and
Playing is tough because I am
Wanting you
But also wanting you to know…

I look up
And there you are standing
All romance and roses and reasons why
You catch my smoky eye
The twinkle in yours a beautiful smize
Tapping out now
Trading the Double Happiness in my hand
For the singular joy in my heart

I’m in really love with you

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