Expect the Great

Living a life of expectation could be awesome–but most of us (if we were really honest with ourselves) live with the expectation that something bad will happen. We rarely anticipate good things. Maybe for some of us it is a fair assumption to make because of the circumstances we’ve encountered in life over the years. BUT if your mind and emotions have been trained to look for the bad, guess what? The bad will always present itself.

I want to challenge you to reassess your expectations–not necessarily your level of expectation but rather the tone of your expectation. Instead of watching out for what could go wrong? Actively search for positives in the course of your daily life. You don’t have to start out-sized; start by noticing the simple positives: smiles, helping hands, funny moments, beautiful flowers…any and everything that is good.

Then, as you slow down and begin to notice the endless sources of positive energy around you, apply those positive moments to larger things. Choose a goal and move toward completion, pushing yourself and your tone of expectation toward the positive. Say aloud, “This thing is working out”. Write and recite affirmations that confirm positive, productive outcomes. Look for and celebrate moments that events tip in your favor, and acknowledge the times that you overcome challenged with a good attitude.

God bless! And remember to expect the great in every situation, and the great will greet you at every turn.


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