The Best Laid Plans Of Mom and Dad

Today is a beautiful day.

After many, many days of cold bitter winds and icy rainy cloudiness, my entire family was looking forward to going out into the sunshine and enjoying the 50 degree weather. I awoke early this morning, hurrying to get my to-do list done so that I could focus on getting in my Vitamin-D intake. I hopped up at (a too early for Saturday morning) 7:00 am and showered.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the bathroom door to find my husband mopping up vomit. My 6 year-old had dropped her cookie-and-phlegm-laden load in her bed before running to our bedroom door with a couple more mouthfuls.

Fast forward some nearly 6 hours later, and we have washed 3 different loads of icky laundry, aired out two different beds, cleaned the floor on my hands and knees because both mop heads are in the washer, gone to the store 3 times for lysol and clorox wipes and garbage bags and laundry detergent, cleaned 3 rooms (2 of them twice in 24 hours), stuck one kid in the shower 3 times, and I am still cleaning.

As the sun decrescendos into the west, I weep frustrated at the day that I thought I would have, settling for opening windows and doors.

What is my LIFE?

Oh yeah. I am a parent.


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