Real Gs Move In Silence Like Lasagna

I crash
I bash
I bang
A wannabe thang
But not a real G
They move in silence
Like Lasagna
I like the shine
The bustle
Not the grind
The grand hustle
I tussle wit it
A little bit
But the game
Takes a lot more muscle
Than I have more
Time than I can spare
I just wanna floss
Here and there
Not in it to win it
Just in it to
Be in it
I’ma baws
In my own mind
Dross mixed in with my
Gold plated
But not quite
24 karat
Haters hate it
And the real
Tolerate it
My presence
An exploitation
Creating space
For the game to
To keep pimpin
You see
I’m no G
But my wanna be
Celebrity allows
Real G’s to
In silence.


  1. True…awesome metaphors. Reminds me of something an veteran told me, “People who are going to kill you usually don’t tell you first.” Those who are real never need to to make a big deal.


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