Sometimes I Scare Myself

A Mindful Chatterbox

I am about to totally offend someone with a real live health problem, but I swear I cannot come with a better way to express this.

I have multiple personalities.

From one minute of writing to the next, my voice changes dramatically. I dip into soft words of Agape love on one post before revving up into a monstrous roar of rage on the next. I wrote 4 posts within hours of each other on January 19th: each one felt like a completely different person wrote it. I feel like a literary hydra. As soon as I exhaust one voice, I find 2 others growing in its place.

As I move into making this thing official (i.e. Spending money on a real domain name and web hosting and all that crap that I know nothing about) I worry that somehow I am doing it wrong. I wonder if I shouldn’t…

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