Failure Should Be An Option

I happen to like cliches even though my feeling is that (as a writer) I should avoid them as much as possible. But hey! I figure it wouldn’t be a cliche if it did not have some truth, right?

Except this one particularly horrible cliche that failure is not an option–to which I pose the question: Why the heck NOT?

Maybe more people would live fuller, happier lives if they knew that failure was not some horrible bitter end. Maybe more chances would be taken, more lessons welcomed, more experiences embraced.

I mean, what IS failure, if not the beginning of success? You can’t stumble upon what does work if you never know what doesn’t. No failure that I have ever experienced has been final, but every time I quit has been the absolute end. And while failures mean I need to try again and finesse my approach, quitting (or Jesus! Never trying) guarantees that I will only ever have a regret.

Too many people I know only ever take the easy route in life just to avoid failing. And you know what? They suck. They are the whiners and complainers, the people who never want to work hard or see things from a different perspective. The first time something doesn’t work exactly right, they bail–ZERO problem solving skills. Makes me want to punch a wall, to be quite honest.

So here’s to the-try-and-the-fail, the stumble-and-fall! If at first you don’t succeed, try again! Otherwise, you will be that person who can never complete anything worthwhile because you flake at the hard parts.


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