Living In The Past

Past glories are awesome. To recount and revisit your best moments can give you much needed encouragement and the oomph you need to keep on keeping on. You need to visit the past some times to see where you been and (in the words of the old Baptist mothers everywhere) how you got over. And yet, there is a great danger in extending that visit into dwelling. You simply cannot set up shop and live in your past. Your sucky moments live there, too, and then:

You start to rehash .
Nothing is more detrimental  than to constantly rehearse your failures. Of course you can learn stuff from your past mistakes and grow but standing there watering dead flowers? The worst! All you are doing is conditioning your mind to receive the negative so that each time you approach a new goal all you see are all the things that COULD go wrong. So then:

You stop trying.
You lose sight of your goals and live in regret. Can I tell you how horrible that is? You literally sink into a depression focused on what ‘might have been if only’… If only you had married Sue. If you only you had stayed at this job. If only you had moved to this city. If only your dog had lived a little longer. If only, if only, if only. Am I annoying you yet? You go on like this until:

You have zero hope.
Hope thrives on your ability to believe that things can and will be better. Dwelling in “back in the day” land chips away your strength to keep looking for a positive expected end. You start to believe that your best days are behind you, leaving new dreams to rot on the vine. Your self talk becomes negative, painting a cloudy picture of a life that really does match your present reality OR your future possibilities.

If you choose so, your best days are ahead of you. Stop ending your life early by living in the past. Choose to live until you have nothing left. Then you can lie down and die satisfied instead of sorry.



    1. Thank you for suggestion. This past month has been me playing with my word count and attempting to be more concise. I am naturally longwinded and am trying to be a little less so. Did not work so well this time, maybe?


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