The Dumps

It happens to me every couple of months. I wake up not feeling well. It is not a vomiting or cold virus kind of sickness; I just feel very blah. Slight headache, crappy attitude.

Some of it, I attribute to sinus pressure. The weather in Missouri just sucks no matter the time of year, and I am allergic to everything here (including some of the people). Then there are the forever bummers of being teacher. I hate grading papers, and the way my technology is set up this year I have to. Then some of it is just the general “crab-assery” that comes with life. I literally should have just remained in the bed. Instead, I tried to make myself do stuff and that made my attitude even worse.

I wondered this evening: do other people hit these kinds of patches? Is there something wrong with me for experiencing it so frequently? I mean, it is literally every couple months like clockwork. Just out of the blue. I can’t imagine what my family feels like around this time; but it must be pretty bad because I can’t stand my OWN self right now. I suck today, and there is nothing I can do about it except go lie down and stay away from everyone.

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