From Mother to Daughter: “What Do I Tell My Children Who Are Black?”

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Diary of a Historian

History helps us to understand who we are and how deep our roots have grown. It teaches us that we are a people with a glorious past that had its beginning in the dark corners of African civilizations centuries ago and spread to the lighted civilizations of today.

In the following pages you will discover some of the roots that have been planted and the beautiful flowers that have-been-produced on yesterday’s soil and left visible on the sands of time.

“Introduction”, Afro-American History, Hilda Wilson, 1960s

Hilda Wilson 1910-1975, Geraldine Wilson 1931-1988

Hilda worked with the Philadelphia chapter of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1964. Both Hilda and her daughter, Geraldine, were deeply moved by the efforts of those who fought this battle from the beginning of their lifetimes until the end. Perhaps as a little girl, Geraldine listened as her mother had the race talk with her daughter. Perhaps Geraldine listened to the words of her…

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