I’m In Love Wit Da Cocoa

So, I was on Facebook and saw this meme that is located in the set image of this post. And I wrote a poem. Because. Black women are beautiful beyond sexual connotations, mainstream expectations, and cultural colorism. This is part of My Black History Year Celebration: celebrating women of color.

She banging and
She bad
The best one that
You never had
Swag so sick
It makes you gag
It makes you mad
That she so hot
The rarest jewel
The world forgot
“A bitch, she trick,
That new thang–THOT”
Just cos she has
What you cannot
Her diamonds are
All pressure cut
And she ain’t
Never been a slut
Though you’ve
Reduced her to
Her butt
Trying to catch
A secret nut
She still a queen
Her light shining
Never dim She made
Just to be seen
Rocks and earth
And dew and sky
Created between
Chocolate thighs
You ask me why
I praise the sight of
Skin the richness
Of the night
I save my words
For when I see
A fine reflection
Of beauty
The kind that
Looks back
And is me
The kind that you
Wish you could be
I praise soft beige
The honey brown
That blue black
Stay holding it down
Golden hues
The shade of sands
Found littering
The Motherland
The kinks the coils
The curls the springs
Remind me of
The joy of things
And when you
Add up all of that
You realize
Black is where
It’s at
And if you
Don’t already know:
“I’m in love wit da cocoa”


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