Holding Fast To Faith

Life has a way of punching me in the face. And not a squared up, we getting ready to fight way. No, life is dirty and unfair and sucker punches me without reason or remorse. My goal–and challenge, too–is to still smile through the broken teeth and blood.

I make this my goal because I know victory lies beyond the pulsating pain and bruising disappointment. I can take hit after hit of life shattering despair, yet keep moving forward like a freight train with no brakes. I am still alive to fight another day, so I stand up and I fight.

That is what faith and hope produce for you: the unrelenting belief that the things you are struggling toward still belong to you in the end; that you are still winning even when it does not look like it or feel like it. You constantly choose your destiny over reality, stepping around the head-on collisions of your life in favor of pursuing the impossible visions bursting inside you.

It is not a practical way of living–pragmatists and realists scoff at the very thought of living in a cloud of the unseen. But as a connoisseur of faith, I can tell you this: if you have faith and do not doubt, you can say to the mountain, “Take a swim!” And it will.

But the key to it all? Knowing that you don’t deserve whatever it is and can never earn it but that Creator meant for you to have it:  the one condition being that you believe that you have that much value.

Because you are that valuable to Him. His love is indefatigable, devoid of judgment, and full of grace and mercy. This very fact makes you potentially unstoppable. The only thing stopping you is your ability to receive in your heart that you are this beloved.

Can you grab hold of this confession of faith?


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