Cleaning Out My Blogging Closet

So, after reading a bunch of blogs with the writers whining because nobody likes their stuff and then reading other blogs about how you have to be engaged in order to engage your audience, I figured I should try to now become more engaged.  This is not necessarily an issue, actually.  I read other people’s writing all the time.  I love reading more than I love writing–which is saying a LOT. So why am I not engaged as much?

I think I suffer from the social media effect.  I just scroll…and keep scrolling.  Even when I intend to stop and read.  This becomes a problem when I am on the WordPress Reader that is on my phone.  It’s like being on twitter for bloggers.  I just keep scrolling, reading headlines and snippets, never actually clicking on something. I gotta stop that.

Then, I have a problem with being overwhelmed.  I have followed too many blogs.  There are like, 225 of you whom I have followed.  Some of you are incredibly prolific. I used to get emails because that cuts down on the social media effect, but then I would have hundreds of emails.  I could not deal.  Y’all write too much for me to have all those unread emails sitting there accusing me of being a failure.

Finally, I have a problem with being underwhelmed. No offense, but the “freshly pressed” things that I get kind of do don’t it for me.  In the 50 or so that I have read in the last couple of months, only one was interesting or compelling enough for me to follow someone.  The rest just isn’t my taste–which is horrible, because I am not very discriminating when it comes to what I read.

Right now, I am in the process of lovingly unfollowing at least 150 of you because I need to focus on people that I actually enjoy reading and who are better than me at this blogging ministry. No more sympathy follows–and no more quid pro quo follows. Hopefully everyone follows me from this point because they are interested in what I am saying and not in the hopes that I will do a follow-for-follow.

I am also cleaning up because I want to engage more–more comments and likes of things that I actually enjoy.  Maybe this will result in some more engagement on my little blog, but in the end, I want to do it because it is kind of the point.  Reading and writing blogs should not be like watching cable TV where you are flipping through channels but never settling on a show. Which has been my reading life for the last couple years.

Many Blessings! I look forward to reading the best that your sites have to offer.



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