Take the ‘Knowledge Road’ Less Traveled For Black History Month 24/7/365

For those interested in more than the basics of black history that you keep getting spoon fed every February, here are some unconventional pearls of knowledge to take you into March. Let’s make Black History an all the time celebration. You cannot value what you do not know exists.

You're Entitled To Be Wrong

Black History is American History

Black History Month is a wonderful time in February (though it shouldn’t be the only time) for people to increase their knowledge and awareness of the significant and ongoing contributions African-Americans have made to American society and its culture.

Unfortunately, celebration of the month has become stuck in the mud topic-wise for quite some time. The same historical facts and biographies are trotted out time and again ad nauseam. Martin Luther King. Civil Rights Movement. Malcom X. The Civil War. Frederick Douglas. The Voting Rights Act. Rosa Parks. Slavery. I Have A Dream. As a result, important African-American figures, historical events and legislation that have had an impact on Black Americans and the United States has become muted or an afterthought.

Of course there will always be those, young or old, who learn something new during the month which will resonate with them. However, there are others who find Black…

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