BLACKOUT: I Love Black Tumblr

Blacks folks have a long history of struggling with assimilation and isolation. Even though America teaches you that assimilation gets you acceptance, reality is so totally different. The darker your skin, the less likely you’ll win–unless you say screw the system altogether and do things your own way and make a lot of money doing it. Then very few people can say much.

But we all can’t be Michael Jordan or Oprah Winfrey, and we have to make these judgment calls: do I keep trying to assimilate knowing that I won’t ever really be acceptable? Or do I just charge it to the game and be the unapologetically black person that I really am?

Welp! In my in between phase of moving away from “getting along” to “by any means necessary”, I found Tumblr. And not just any Tumblr: I found Black Tumblr.

I have never in all of my life been exposed to such strong voices against racism and loving blackness. I also have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, and Pinterest; however Tumblr beats them all hands down when it comes to celebrating blackness with reckless abandon. The experience truly gives me life.

Today was #BLACKOUT day–a day where everyone dropped selfies simply to celebrate the unique beauty of black people everywhere. I have been fighting tears all day because I have never seen such massive outpouring of collective love for blackness and that it encompasses: from those who could “pass” to those the shade of a starless night and every hue in between, I reveled in blackness. And it felt like heaven. No Judgment. No hate. No suspicion. Just love.

Thank you, Black Tumblr. I will cherish this day forever.


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