Breaking Forth (On getting stuck in a revolving door)

Have you ever been trapped inside a revolving door?  I have–I couldn’t get out because this guy was pushing in the opposite direction. So I had to decide: go back, sit still or get out.  I couldn’t go back because I didn’t want to.  I was trying to get out; plus there were people behind me who would have been pushed back, too.  Sitting still seemed like the polite thing to do so as not to discomfit the guy who came at me wrong.  That too seemed futile and fruitless.  Who sits in a revolving door waiting?  So I did the only thing that made sense to me–I pushed forward with all my might.

When you’re striving for impossible dreams, you will run into OPPOSITION.  Some of it accidental (like in the revolving door)–and quite frankly, a lot of it will be on purpose.  Yet, that opposition should not be your focus.

Your focus should be: What am I going to do?

Going back:  When some people run into opposition, they turn back. The problem is that God promised that your future would be greater than your past. So, if all you can think to do is go back to where you were, you’ll never get to the place made ready for you.  Remember Lot and his family?  They lived in the worst version of the twin cities in the world-Sodom and Gomorrah.  They managed to get out before God destroyed the place, but with one set of instructions:  DONT’ LOOK BACK.    Lot’s wife became sorrowful (even though she was leaving the worst place ever) and turned back to look–and became a pillar of salt.  You, too, can become stuck in place looking back on what has been, and not pressing forward to what is to come.

Sitting still: I am sooooo guilty of this one.  My husband Bill once put it this way: People are locked in a room with the door wide open.  Most people are uncomfortable with the unknown.   We know what is behind us sucks.  Yet, we can’t figure out what is in front of us.  And even for those with a great vision, the in-between journey freezes us in our tracks.  How am I going to do that?  I don’t have the money to do that!  No one is going to support me.  How will I get resources?  So rather than move forward, we stay where we are–frustrated because we know we have “greater works” within us and fearful because we don’t know how to make that first step.  You can live comfortably in this space.  You can even be successful in this space.  But you will never achieve the depth of vision that God has placed within you in this space.  And you will never be satisfied.  This is where mid-life crises, divorces, unfinished hobbies–all of those crazy things that people do–manifest.   Because our inner man has lived unfulfilled we crash and burn, often taking our family and friends with us.

 Pushing forward:  Paul said, “I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  You who are reading this may not be believers (thought I will suggest to you that you need to get on the Lord’s side: read this), but the truth is just true.  In life, we must press toward the mark.  In order to get to your destination you must move forward.  Not backwards, not sideways, not diagonally.  FORWARD.  This means that you will meet roadblocks.  It does NOT mean that you won’t prevail.  God promised us that no weapon formed against us will prosper.  Besides that, every time you prevail in some test or struggle you strengthen your inner man, and it gives you the ability and courage to go through the next trial.

I got out of that revolving door.  Nobody got hurt and nobody was embarrassed.  And now I’m pushing my way out of this one, too!  God bless!  Whatever you are stuck in today, don’t go back to what was and don’t just stand still–press forward.  It is when you press through the obstacles that you manifest your miracles.


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  1. Well what a powerful post that really needed to hear tonight! I am so stuck right now, in fact during one of my many “talks” to myself recently I pondered hard on the suckiness of my stuckiness. Yes, push forward I must, thanks for the reminder. 😉

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