I Am Superwoman

All women should get to the point where we are able to let it ride. To be the one who gets comfort. Nicely done.

My Female Persuasion


I’ve been a mother since 16. Juggling school, a job – I worked at what was then calles Kentucky Fried Chicken on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, and a baby didn’t necessarily make me superwoman though. I was just a kid trying to make it the best way I knew how.

Then came two more children. I finished college, bought a house, rose through the ranks in corporate America, from temp to Vice President – all as, a single mother. The hurdles I’ve jumped and the battles I fought are too numerous to name here.

I still never viewed myself as a superwoman. I was a young mom sacrificing whatever I needed to, for my kids – two of them are college students.

But lately (and this is partly a function of my kids being grown), I’ve been feeling like maybe I can take my cape off and lay it down…

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