Obedience Unto Death

Wish I could explain
The pain brought as you
Look at me strange
Vision tinged in fright.
Every time your lights
Shine bright, my heart swoops,
The “whoop-whoop”
As I get blurped…
It physically hurts,
Sweat running down my
Back, messing up my work shirt.
My fear crowds out
Any lessons I learned,
Unlearned with the tap
On my window … and tap-tap!
My thoughts go flat.
What’s getting ready
To go down
Good cop?
Bad cop?
Bad stop,
I get
Stop and I
Get clocked
And spend
some time
In a cell block
Good stop
This made up fine
My made up mind
To pay on time
Before the crime
Jail time.
And I…
I sigh and
Can’t go stupid now.
Steady now!
Stay calm.
Move slow,
So that you don’t think
That I am
Whatever lie
You know to be
What to do!
Trying to do
What you need me to,
If I move? You shoot.
If I don’t move, you shoot.
Catch-22, my dude.
Take a breath!
Window down, but
Heart beating down my chest…
My ID in my pocket, sir.
Wait! No, no, no!
Back pocket, sir!
Can I get it for you, sir?
No! Not reaching for nothing, sir,
But my ID
That you asked me
To see! My wallet
Is up under me.
Sir? Listen! I’m trying to comply!
Why lie–what? Why
Are you yelling at me?
I got it! Here’s my wallet, see?
Wait don’t shoot me–Wait!

We have breaking news this hour as police have shot and killed an unarmed African American manin the 1300th block of insert street name here. The man, a suspect in an armed robbery attempt, was shot by police after allegedly failing to comply with the police officer’s request for identification before reaching into his pocket for what was thought to be a gun. The police officer who fired the shots stated that “He feared for his life.” Meanwhile, protestors gather at the scene as the mother of the young man, now identified as 17 year old insert name here, is held back from the scene.



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