Sins Of The Heart

Check yourself.

A Mindful Chatterbox

I have lived an incredibly condemned life, mostly because my sins and wrongdoings have always been outward, obvious things. Sins of the flesh, I guess you call them. Lying, cheating, rage, gluttony, intoxication… things that people could see and comment on and judge me for. And I suppose I earned that judgment; after all, you cannot do wrong things and get away with it. Sin always finds you out one way or the other.

But I wonder how much better the world would be if everyone focused on a different kind of sin–those sins of the heart, those sins that are secret things that come out in ways that cannot be pointed to directly. Some that come to mind are pride, jealousy, envy, motives, hunger for power, desire for fame, love of money, bitterness… What would life be like if these soul sins were pointed out and corrected as much…

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