Leaving Your Trash For Everybody Else

I had to go to the got-blessit assessor’s office to get a tax waiver to prove that I could get plates for my car because MISSOURI. Anyways, we had to take numbers just like you have to do for everything in life these days, little pink slips of paper with big numbers on them so you know it’s real.

As the lady called my number, I noticed little pink pieces of paper littering the floor of the office and lobby. I looked around; there was a garbage can in plain sight right by the door.

So why were people throwing paper on the floor? Come ON! We cannot be this lazy and gross, can we? Clearly, we are and we can. But why? I notice this same trend in my classroom with students just dropping garbage casyally where they stand. What the fudge?

What has made Americans so doggone inconsiderate to be throwing litter on the floor? Is anybody else noticing this–or do I just happen to always be around nasty folks!?

Help me understand.

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