My Posts Are Too Long

I have zero chill when it comes to writing and often fail to edit properly. On a good day, I know I am hitting something like 1,000 words (I’m lowballing-why lie? More like 1,500). I love reading long-form, but most people probably don’t. Which means I am losing audience participation, right? Because people tap out before the bitter, longwinded end.

It sucks because I am a genius when it comes to editing other people’s work. I can do it all: grammar and punctuation, cohesion and coherence… I can slice it down to the bone, rearrange it, make it flow like river water in springtime. But my own stuff? It hurts. Every word I cut feels like I am cutting off a toe.

Sigh… Physician Heal Thyself, right?

Help me with my problem. How in the world do you get it down to the bare minimum when it just feels sooo incomplete to me when I edit?

And for the record, this pne feels so horribly unfinished. It isn’t even 200 words. I feel like I am shortchaging folks.



  1. What helps me most is taking a break after completing the draft, and then doing something completely off subject before returning to revise it. I don’t know if this is what you already practice, but it was a revelation to me.

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