God Over Money

If you have never needed money–like, really had a financial situation that made you want to uncontrollably weep without warning, then this message is NOT for you. Carry on.

For everyone else:
There are worse things in life than not having enough money (I have experienced a couple of these things).

Yet nothing seems to be as pressing, as stressful as not having it when you need it. Ends don’t meet, crises pop up out of nowhere, and you feel utterly helpless to do anything about it. Even while sporting a positive face and making the best of it, the weight can be excruciating. Time keeps ticking, and you keep sliding further and further off the course you’ve charted for yourself.

What do you do when you never have enough money?

I cannot answer that. I will only give you platitudes you have already heard and false encouragement that you have already become inoculated against. What I CAN tell you, THOUGH?

You are NOT asking the right question.

The real question, the truest inquiry comes long before you get to this moment of what to do when your well runs dry. It is the question you avoid at church. The question that makes you puff up defensively at bible study. It is the niggling wiggle in your spirit when you actually HAVE some cash.

The question is: do you trust God?

The answer for me has always been yes, unless it is with my money.

See, you can go to church every day the doors swing open, follow every rule or suggestion ever made in the bible, sing the roof off the church, fast 40 days and 40 nights, speak in all the unknown tongues with interpretation, pray heaven into a tornado, cast out all the demons, and preach a sermon that would make the whale cough up Jonah, Jr. But if you do not a) trust that God is your source and b) feel free to give money away without worrying about your bills or whatever else you have going on, them you really do not trust Him.

How you honor God with your substance is a direct indicator of how much you trust Him. Until you can truly place God over money, you will experience a kind of stress that God never intended you to feel: being responsible for your own provision.



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