There Will Be Glory After This

For many people of faith, this means a glorious afterlife, a place beyond death and the grave where we find paradise. And I am one of those people of faith. I believe in Heaven–in case you wonder, to me it looks like knowing all things and being made whole in the presence of my Creator, Redeemer, and Lord.

BUT, I want to talk about the glory that comes before that.

I used to wallow in despair, convinced that my life would only be struggle, trouble, and disappointment. I earnestly believed (for a long time) that my number one goal was just to make it as I walked the earth and patiently await the afterlife promised to me in the scriptures that I totally wholeheartedly believe.

That, my friends, is a slavery mentality. (No shade to slaves or people who live in physical bondage or constant oppression right now).

Glory isn’t just a possible future place or some lame world driven accolade. Glory is an attitude. It is an understanding that what you encounter has already been conquered, that you are already a stone cold winner–the world around you just hasn’t figured it out yet.


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