My Bad! 

So for the last 3 months (due to some time and resource constraints), I have been posting from my phone using the wordpress app. This has not been a problem until the last 3 weeks, when I have noticed that posts are publishing that I did NOT want to publish and changes that I KNOW I saved did not save. At first, I thought it was me–people make mistakes, right? But then I noticed it happening multiple times and only when I use the app. I have no idea what the problem is but I have contacted the app developer.

So for those of you who get emails from me, get links that do not work, or get posts with all kinds of typos and junk: I AM SO SORRY. I am working on fixing the issue and for now will be doing the posts from my phone’s browser. 

My complete and total bad. I hate to send people junk. Got me out here looking raggedly and what not.

Thanks for your patience. Have a great week!

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